Experience the Dream


Take a trip on the legendary Route 66 from Chicago to Los Angeles – a journey of over 2500 miles passing through eight states and three time zones.

Experience the real America just like we remember it from the television programs and books of our childhood. Like modern-day cowboys, we travel through deserts, across prairies and high mountains, through large and small towns, farming country and deep forests.

We have, since 1999, organized over 100 adventure tours in the USA for more than 2000 satisfied customers. Adventure, safety and comfort are our priorities.

All of our motorcycle tours are accompanied by a guide who has extensive knowledge, experience and passion of and for the Mother Road. Each trip is also accompanied by support personnel and vehicle. The support vehicle has room for 4 – 5 participants, additional it has capacity for the group’s luggage, a back-up motorcycle and spare parts.

We travel as a group – the guide forging the trail – the support vehicle bringing up the rear. If you should require any assistance (with your bike or other things) the support vehicle will be with you in a matter of minutes.

The territory we cover in the course of a day is not meant to be overly strenuous, however, a warm shower and air-conditioned bedroom is a real treat at the end of the day’s ride. The motels are all of good standard and pre-arranged so that you don’t personally have to check-in, it’s all been done for you – just park your bike and receive a key!

Whether you join one of our tours or want to explore on your own, you will find a lot of useful information on our site.

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